Planning a Wedding, a party or an event?
           Love chocolate?

    Why not combine the two and have an all chocolate extravaganza?

    You’ll be surprised what we can make out of chocolate.

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    These amazing all chocolate, all edible sculptures will become the centre piece and the talking point of your event or party.

    Handmade from top quality couverture chocolate using the best ingredients to make a quality but fun addition to your event. The added bonus is that you can eat it at the end of the night.

    We do legs, torso’s, skulls, ¾ bodies, we can also create something specific for you. Choose from dark, milk, white or gold chocolate or any combination. We can also add cocoa butter colours to make it stand out even more.

    Choose a sculpture with chocolate desserts and add a few extras to make it even more special.

    Chocbods uses the finest quality Belgian chocolate only. We take it through a special tempering process that ensures a fine shine and a great snap - just as a fine chocolate should.

    We use only the best chocolate to make wonderfully delicious body parts


    How to choose from our extensive selection of great tasting desserts?

    All desserts are made from a meringue base folded through with double cream and chocolate.

    They set naturally to a light smooth mousse, packed with flavour.

    No additives, gels or gelatine.

    Do you prefer:
    Chocolate orange or Turkish delight?
    Salted caramel or Black Forest?
    Mint chocolate or lemon?
    Trifle with white chocolate in the custard ?

    Want something unique for that special person?

    We can make something extra special …

    Just let us know.


    Instead of the tired old gifts, what about personalised chocolate bars with your initials to give to your guests?

    We can hand write the guests names on a bar to act as place-cards. What about a Mr & Mrs chocolate lollipop?

    Any combination from Dark, Milk, White or Gold.

    We can even put in some additions, fruit and nut, rose, violet, marshmallows…

    The low down: only the best chocolate used to make wonderfully delicious body parts


    Let us create your very own flavoured chocolate, bespoke to you.

    Fancy a G&T or Mojito or an Old Fashioned, maybe you would prefer bacon, orange juice and coffee as breakfast chocolates.

    How about creating your very own recipe of chocolate from the raw ingredients?

    There will be no other chocolate like it.

    The low down: only the best chocolate used to make wonderfully delicious body parts


    Love chocolate? How about an evening devoted to just that? Start with fizz, then hand-make your very own bar of dark chocolate. Like it dark and strong or sweet and flavoured – you decide.

    Indulge yourself with chocolate scones topped with cream and Turkish delight jam, then dip freshly baked crusty breads into chocolate olive oil with chocolate balsamic.

    Then we move onto dessert – rich and creamy indulgent chocolate dessert shots. Then finish with the richest hot chocolate laced with something alcoholic to send you home with amazing tasty memories.

    Non-alcoholic options available.

    Not sure what to have? Contact us to discuss and help you plan. You’ll be surprised what we can make out of chocolate.

    Dietary requirements? Let us know of any allergies or preferences.

    We can make you something extra special …

    Phone: 07760 268406

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